Hiking with a donkey over several days

Hiking with a donkey over several days

Randonnée avec âne dans l'Aude



Rental of a donkey on 2 days
1 DONKEY 100€
Rental of a donkey on 3 days
1 DONKEY 130€
Rental of a donkey on 7 days
1 DONKEY 250€


Hiking with a donkey, on demand itinerary from 2 days: Stay over several days hiking with accommodation in lodging, bed and breakfast or camping or bivouac with our experienced donkeys. Visit the picturesque sites such as the Bugarach, the Bezu and its castle of the Templars, Rennes the Castle, Rennes les Bains and its hot springs ...

How it works

With our partner Loc d'ânes

The randos circuits with 1 donkey: Hike with a donkey, on demand itinerary from 2 days.
Go for several days with one or more experienced donkeys. We suggest you an itinerary according to the number of days you have, by advising you on the accommodation places (gîtes, bed and breakfasts, campsites). Reservation of accommodation is at your expense. If you wish it is possible to camp with us the day before your departure or on your return.

Hiking star shape: Accommodation on site at the campsite.
Go every day with one of our donkeys. Discover each day a different course from our home!
You will organize the days at your own pace and the same donkey will accompany you throughout your stay.

The Zero Carbon hike: Your hike will start as soon as you get off the train.
At the Espéraza station, Jean-Marc welcomes you with the donkeys. It is market day, the opportunity to discover the local products and farmers and to make your provisions. You will then leave for your week of rando with donkey (s) on a course that we will have planned together beforehand to pass through the remarkable sites of the region.


Rental of donkeys
Maps of the surroundings

Good to know

Walk with donkey on the paths. This activity takes place under your own responsibility, as well as putting the children on the donkey. Check that your "civil liability" supports this activity.

The choice of the donkey as well as the number, formula, itinerary are proposed according to certain criteria (experience, composition of the group: number of adults, children, duration of your stays, accommodation chosen. For inexperienced practitioners, it's best to start with a day of walking with a donkey before hiking. But it all depends on each one, so we will notify you with the reservation.

For hiking tours, we will communicate the coordinates of the accommodation for your stages. The reservation is at your expense.

Departures are Monday to Friday * and by reservation. Possibility of departure on Saturday or Sunday morning if you arrive the day before.

* Except for the carbon zero hike: departure on Sunday

Meeting place

le village 11500 Granès

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